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Lavender Vanilla Bath Salt (Fizzy) 12Oz

Lavender Vanilla Bath Salt (Fizzy) 12Oz

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This Lavender Vanilla Bath Salt from Fizzy provides a soothing soak in a luxurious blend of lavender and vanilla essential oils. Blended with natural salts, this bath salt provides you with a calming experience when added to your bath. The 12 oz package contains enough for up to 10-15 baths - perfect for providing yourself with some well deserved rest and relaxation.

  • Lavender Vanilla bath salt is great for a relaxing, stress relieving bath, with the refreshing aroma of lavender and the lightly scent of vanilla this is not but the perfect bath.
  • Includes Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Baking Soda and Citric Acid.
  • This bath not only relaxes the body but treat it as well, healthy and beneficial. Fragrance, Color and Dry Flowers added for this beautiful final look.
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