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Multicoloured Mixing Bowl Set of 8

Multicoloured Mixing Bowl Set of 8

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  • Plastic Mixing Bowls - Multicolored Mixing Bowl Set of 8, Nest for Easy Storage, including Measuring Cups, Colander, Sifter, Large Bowl, Great for Cooking and Baking, BPA Free



    All-In-One Mixing and Measuring Kit

    Everything you need for meal prep mastery is here in this fantastic multi-functional 8 piece set, which contains large mixing bowl, colander, sieve, small mixing bowl, 4 stackable measuring cups

    Get the cooking party started right

    Super easy to care and easy to store, even a baking beginner can handle them, you can never miss it if you like cooking, Let’s try to make some delicious food for your family in Thanksgiving Day

    How to clean

    All pieces except for nylon sieve are dishwasher-safe. Sieve should be hand-washed

  • All-in-one bowl set - This bowl set has some essential baking tools in one collection, the colander is perfect for draining pasta, large bowl is for mixing batter and strainer works great for things like berries, cups are used to measure dry goods
  • Nice color theme - This plastic mixing bowl set bears a clear color theme, which match your modern kitchen very well, less clutter in sight and looks more comfortable, baking easier and more happy
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