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ARMOR ALL Vent & Duct Cleaner (283g)

ARMOR ALL Vent & Duct Cleaner (283g)

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Vent & Duct Cleaner

Freshen your car's vent & ducts, where odors such as smoke, mold, and mildew can hide in your car's air system.


Our handy car vent dust cleaner is easy to use, for fast and long-lasting results.

  • Locate the fresh air intake grille, typically found outside the automobile running lengthwise near the base of the windshield. In some models, access may be gained by lifting the hood.
  • Set air conditioner on HIGH fan and NORMAL setting for fresh (outside) air.


  • Shake can gently and spray slightly less than one-half can into the grille. If desired, raise extension tube all the way for more precise application. If there is mesh or screen, spray product directly through.
  • With fan off, spray product directly into each vent. 
  • Then spray product into a towel to wipe vent faces clean.
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