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Bernardin Decorative Mason Jar w/ Standard Lids 125 ML

Bernardin Decorative Mason Jar w/ Standard Lids 125 ML

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Our popular 125 ml size jars are perfect for smaller batches of jams and jellies and they are 2 -1/2" ( 6.4cm) high. Each jar is decorated with a decorated surface each containing a flat oval area for your personalized label. These are ideal for jam, jelly, gourmet specialities small quantity home canned foods. Each box contains 12 jars with SNAP LIDS® closures along with 12 canning labels. Traditional mason jar shaped for efficient shelf storage. Popular mason jars for all home canned foods.
• Decorative fruit motif textured surface with flat oval area for label

• Each box contains 12 x 125 ML regular mouth 70mm mason jars, 12 SNAP LIDS and 12 decorative peel n' stick labels

• BPA free jars and lids

• These are 2 1/2-Inch (6.4cm) high

• Made in USA
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