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Darling’s Empress collection / Peruvian Wave #2 (6 Bundles)

Darling’s Empress collection / Peruvian Wave #2 (6 Bundles)

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Everyday Maintenance-

1.For wavy, curly hair finger comb and style. Avoid using a brush.

2.Use a wide tooth comb for straight & wavy hair or a soft bristled brush

3.Avoid cream,. Lotion or petroleum based products

How to Detangle your Empress Weave-

1.Use the darling weave and wigs detangler to remove knots and detangle your hair as stated:

2.Divide the hair in small sections,

3.Spray the detangler ( 3- 4 pumps)  on the section you wish to detangle.

4.Working from the tip / ends of your hair comb gently to detangle the hair. Repeat this until you get to the weft, be gentle not to damage the weft.

  1. Leave hair to air dry

Washing –

1.Brush with fingers before washing

2.Wash gently using warm water, then shampoo and rinse. Do not rub, squeeze or comb yet.

3.Apply good conditioner and detangle slowly with a wide comb. Rinse completely with warm water.

4.Pat gently with a towel and lay hair flat or hang to air dry completely.

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